Our story
The province that gave us all

As children, our treehouse was a place of mystery and magic, where we kept our deepest secrets and cherished the most memorable moments. It was our sanctuary, a place to escape the stress and worries of the world and reconnect with our true selves. Today, Suitree [Suite + Tree] offers a modern take on this timeless idea, providing a serene and peaceful space to disconnect and rediscover your inner peace.
It takes 10,140 km2 of Costa Rican land. Packed with lush green landscapes and fertile soil, Guanacaste is the heart of hardworking and warmhearted people. Handcrafted items, hours of agriculture, and service to tourists; move the economy of this piece of land—a land that still looks back at its roots; the Chorotega. Suitree Hotel is your gateway to paradise! Nestled in the stunning town of Sardinal, just ten kilometers from Playas del Coco and surrounded by delightful beaches boasting unparalleled views of the Pacific Ocean - like iconic Playa Hermosa, serene Ocotal Beach, dreamy Conchal Beach, and buzzing Tamarindo
Region of the Chorotega
Art and tradition passed for over 3000 years

The Chorotega, an indigenous culture from ancient times, were known for farming corn and practicing semi-democracy with elected leaders. They were skilled warriors, armed with padded cotton armor, bows and arrows, wooden swords, and flint knives, to defend themselves against neighboring tribes. They were also excellent hunters who would rest under trees and even climb them to find comfort. Interestingly, this all took place before the domestication of horses.
Today, we come to soothe your senses amid the Land of Chorotega; this 22.000 sqm property promises a unique experience for guests to get attuned to their surroundings and create a special connection between them and Costa Rica’s wildness. Wander among trails teeming with life, and marvel at incredible panoramic views while listening to fresh flowing waters gushing around you - all wrapped up into one magical package!

A Small Country with thousands of possibilities;

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Immerse yourself in the beauty of Guanacaste, a verdant corner of Costa Rica situated in the renowned Blue Zone, where longevity and well-being thrive. Conveniently located just 30 minutes from the Daniel Oduber International Airport, Suitree Hotel awaits, offering the perfect fusion of cultural richness, abundant biodiversity, and awe-inspiring mountainous vistas at the heart of Guanacaste.

We Are Proud Of:

Dedicated to sustainable luxury, implementing water treatment, energy conservation, and waste management practices. A luxurious experience with a reduced impact on the environment.

Showcasing pieces from talented artists throughout the property. Guests can enjoy the beauty of the local art scene while supporting artists and enriching their stay.

We prioritize the local community, with 95% of staff from the area. Being a part of the community improves quality and positively impacts the area. Experience the difference of local.